Dragon Wing Begonia

Dragon Wing Begonia 'Megawatt'

What annual is low maintenance... 

requires no deadheading and blooms until frost?

Look for Begonia 'Megawatt', an improved Dragon Wing begonia. It blooms continuously from spring to fall... in hot weather, humidity, sun or shade. Choose leaves that are green or bronze and flowers that bloom in pink, rose or red. Minimal maintenance. It's a hardworking annual that doesn't require too much from you and will give its best all summer long. Just follow a few tips and success will be yours! 


LIGHT: Place in part sun or shade. It appreciates bright light but direct sun might burn its tender, glossy leaves.

WATER: Water regularly when top 2-3 inches of soil is dry. Thrives in average soil but can tolerate a drier soil.

FLOWERS: Arching stems allow red or pink flowers to be prominent among the foliage. Flowers bloom until frost and the plant's shape only looks better as summer continues. NO need to deadhead.

HABIT: Mounding and spreading... perfect for containers, hanging baskets or garden borders.

MATURE SIZE: 12 to 16" wide and 20 to 28" tall.


What’s the buzz? The sound of summer. Filling your garden with flowering plants that bees like is the perfect way to a part of the cycle of nature. Bees are hardworking insects—pollinating our crops and flowers for us and feeding themselves and their community at the same time. And, don’t forget the honey—one of nature’s simplest pleasures.