Get ready... start your seeds!

It's so fun to grow your own! Take time to decide on your favorite flowers, veggies or herb seeds. You'll be able to find unique varieties that aren't available as plants. Keep it simple! All you need: premium seeds, a good seed starting mix, peat or Cow Pots, seed trays, water mister, heating mat (optional), grow lights (optional) and the child-like wonder of watching something grow.


Seed Packs

Seed Packs: Choose premium seeds such as Botanical Interests, Renee's Garden, Lake Valley Seed, Italian seeds from Pagano or native plant seeds from Prairie Futures. They all offer organic options and give you a better chance of germination. Make sure to read the pertinent information of the back of each packet for the best results. Top Selling seeds for Renee's Garden in 2018 were: Baby Mesclun Lettuces, Heirloom Container Tomatoes, Alpine Strawberries 'Mignonette', Mounding Nasturtiums 'Cherries Jubilee'.


Nanodome Greenhouse 

Nanodome Mini Greenhouse: The NanoDome Mini Greenhouse Kit makes propagation easy! This custom kit is easy to set up and includes everything you need to start flower or vegetable seedlings, propagate fresh cuttings or grow fresh herbs right in your kitchen all year long.


Heat Mats

Heat Mat: The added warmth of the 'Jumpstart' Heat Mat encourages seeds and cuttings to sprout even earlier. It also creates an environment for the growth of stronger and healthier root systems.


Sow What

Sow what and when? You have to plan ahead to make the most of starting plants from seed. The correct timing will allow seedlings to grow but not become too 'leggy' and to be transplanted to the garden at the right time in Spring. For more information on seed starting, Melinda Myers offers suggestions on her video at


Cow Pots

Cow Pots: Grow green and smarterwith biodegradable and plantable pots made from 100% renewable, composted cow manure. Plant seeds or seedlings in Cow Pots and then plant them directly iton the garden when it's the proper time. Cow pots reduce transplant shock, encourage healthier plant root systems and are good for our planet!


"Study nature. Love nature. Stay close to nature. It will never fail you."  -Frank Lloyd Wright