Get ready... start your seeds!

It's so fun to grow your own! Take time to decide on your favorite flowers, veggies or herb seeds. You'll be able to find unique varieties that aren't available as plants. Keep it simple! All you need: premium seeds, a good seed starting mix, peat pots, seed trays, water mister, heating mat (optional), grow lights (optional) and the child-like wonder of watching something grow.


Seed Packs

Seed Packs: Choose premium seeds such as Botanical Interests, Renee's GardenLake Valley Seed, Italian specialty seeds from Pagano, Ferry-Morse microgreens or native plant seeds from Prairie Future Seed Co. Look for Certified Organic, Heirloom and non-GMO options, too. For best results, follow the valuable information on the back of each seed packet. 


Nanodome Greenhouse 

Haxnicks Microgreens Growing Tray & Mat: The tray is made from compostable bamboo fiber, rice starch and resin. This material is free from petroleum-based plastics and BPA. It is biodegradable and compostable. The Growing Coir Mat (sold in packages of 3) is made from coconut fiber and is biodegradable and compostable... perfect for growing a selection of Ferry-Morse microgreens. Haxnicks also offers a range of bamboo pots, saucers. 


Heat Mats

Sun Blaster Heat Sheet: The added warmth of a heat mat encourages seeds and cuttings to sprout even quicker. It also creates an environment for the growth of stronger and healthier root systems. (9" x 19.5"; 17 watt)


Sow What

Sow what and when? You have to plan ahead to make the most of starting plants from seed. The correct timing will allow seedlings to grow but not become too 'leggy' and to be transplanted to the garden at the right time in Spring. For more information on seed starting, Melinda Myers offers suggestions on her video at


Cow Pots

Start your Seeds: Grow green and smarter with Jiffy peat pots or peat  pellets. 1. Fill Jiffy peat pots with a seed starting mix such as BlackGold Natural & Organic Seedling Mix, and then plant seeds directly into peat pots. Plant pot outside when it's the proper time. Or, try the PlantBest Jumbo Pellets. A fine netting is filled with high quality peat/cocoa material and then compressed to form a round, flat, pellet. When you add water, the pellet expands upwards to 7 times in a few moments. Tuck seeds inside according to directions on seed packet. Planting seeds in peat pots or pellets reduces transplant shock and encourages healthier plant root systems when you plant them outdoors.


"Study nature. Love nature. Stay close to nature. It will never fail you."  -Frank Lloyd Wright