How to Pick the Best Christmas Tree

Fresh Fraser Fir

A freshly cut Fraser Fir?

As Christmas approaches, you'll start to see trees strapped on top of cars... heading to homes near and far. Here are a few tips on choosing, caring and decorating a Fraser Fir Christmas tree. Make sure you begin your tree selection by measuring the height and width of where you tree will be placed.


Why choose a Fraser fir as your Christmas tree... fresh from the forest.

Nothing says 'holiday' quite like the clean, crisp scent of a freshly cut, Fraser fir evergreen. The Fraser fir is the most popular holiday tree in the U.S. because of its soft needles and iconic 'Christmas tree' shape.

  • Fraser fir trees are grown for their beautiful, narrow silhouette. Extra spacing between the branches allows for displaying ornaments and the firmer branches can hold heavier ornaments.
  • The one-inch, silvery-green needles are soft to the touch and make stringing lights and decorating a painless task.
  • Keep your freshly cut tree properly watered and you'll be rewarded with the Fraser fir's excellent needle retention.

Signs of a fresh tree:

• Needles are hard to pull from the branches.
• Needles are supple and won't break when bent.
• Trunk is sticky with resin.
• If the tree is bounced on the ground, few needles fall.


Before you bring your tree indoors...

• Cut off about 1" of the bottom of the tree trunk (if you have waited more than an hour from the last fresh cut.) Make a straight cut as this allows the tree to take in more water than an angled one. Remove more of the trunk if your tree is too tall for the room.

• Place the tree in a stable, waterproof tree stand and secure tree trunk.  

• After bringing tree in and placing it indoors, fill the tree stand with fresh water and 'Santa Tree Preserve.' (Mix one cup with every gallon of water in your tree stand to prevent drying and extend the life of the tree. 'Santa Tree Preserve' helps to keep needles green.) Check the water level several times during the first 24 hours. It is amazing to see how much a freshly cut tree will absorb! As you allow the tree to warm up in the house, the branches will fall a bit and the tree will be ready for lights and decorating.



All freshly cut Christmas trees are very thirsty. If you would like your tree to look its best throughout the Twelve Days of Christmas, the best advice is to keep the tree consistently watered!

1. Can't put the tree up right away? Don't worry, it can be temporarily stored for a few days in a cool location. Give the trunk a fresh cut and place it in a large bucket with plenty of water.

2. Choose a good tree stand that fits your tree. Usually, tree stands should be large enough to provide one quart of water per inch of trunk diameter. Avoid shaving the outside of the trunk to make it fit in the stand. The outer layers of wood are the most efficient at taking in water. Each tree needs about one quart of water for every inch in diameter (at base) of its trunk. Check water in tree stand at least once a day, especially after bringing it indoors. Always keep the trunk submerged in water.

3. Place tree away from heat sources. Avoid heat sources such as a ceiling can light, radiator, vent, fireplace or even direct sunlight. Use Christmas lights that produce the smallest amount of heat such as LED and mini lights to reduce the drying of your tree.

4. Be safe. Turn off the tree lights when leaving the house or going to bed. Never burn your tree in the fireplace or wood stove. Tip: After the holidays, take the tree down before it dries out. A dry tree can be consumed by fire in 3 to 5 seconds.

5. Recycle the tree after the holidays. Evergreen trees make great mulch! Remove the branches and spread them over garden beds to insulate spring bulbs and perennials. Or, place it outside as a natural shelter for winter birds. Bag it and leave it outside for curbside pickup and recycling. Follow the recycling instructions for your community. 


The Fraser Fir Christmas trees have arrived! Join us in our greenhouse where trees are displayed for 360-degree viewing... No winter winds or snow either!