Indoor Containers

indoor containers all sizes & shapes!

When picking out a container for your new plant, you must first consider your plant's needs,
your home decor and your plant skills.
With so many available, here are a few tips that might help with your decision.

1. Drainage Holes: It's really important to allow the excess water to drain from the pot. Otherwise, the plant's roots will rot in standing water. Some decorative pots (cachepot) don't have drainage holes. By placing a pot with drainage holes within the cachepot, you'll be able to protect your table surfaces from water damage. If you choose to plant directly in a container sans drainage holes, this requires more plant skills to be able to water with the correct amount.

2. Terra Cotta: These warm-toned and breathable clay pots have been used for centuries. Because they are porous, they are recommended for succulents, orchids, ferns, cacti and bromeliads. Because of this, plants need to be watered more frequently. They are also heavy which can be a plus when you plant larger plants.

3. Orchid Pots: Do orchids need special pots? Because of how they grow in nature, some orchid containers have cut out shapes on the sides to allow for better drainage and air flow to the roots. We stock colorful, glazed orchid pots and unglazed & aged, Italian classics from Campo de' Fiori.  

4. Glazed Containers: Usually you will find these decorative, glazed containers are used as the bigger pots that surround the smaller, more functional ones with the drainage holes. Look for glazed pots with geometric, floral, textural or patterned designs that compliment your home's decor. Shiny, metallic glazes in silver, gun-metal gray or gold can add a bit of sparkle especially in kitchens and baths. 

5. Spin the Color Wheel: Green is the new neutral! Colorful containers can accent or contrast with green foliage or flowering houseplants. We stock lots of colors in solids and patterns. A new plant in a trendy container will freshen up your home or office, too. 

6. Favorite Toppings: After planting, top soil off with Spanish or green sheet moss, small gravel pieces or natural pebbles for added texture or color.