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What's new in indoor containers?

Plants really do change a room. In either a stylish modern design or a luxurious classic home, the right plant can make a memorable addition. Fresh green plants contribute to a healthier living environment, too. Pair a new plant with a new container. Or, just like in fashion, 'what is old, is new again' ... repot an existing plant in a fresh new pot!


Blue & White: Pairing blue and white is always in style. We have a selection of patterns and solids, glazed and unglazed, with drainage holes and decorative, cache pots. We stock large, medium, small and very tiny containers for large-leafed Monstera plants down to the smallest succulent.


Orchid Pots: Do orchids need special pots? Because of how they grow in nature, some orchid containers have slats or cut out shapes on the sides to allow for better drainage and air flow to the roots. We have colorful glazed orchid pots and also unglazed & aged, Italian terra cotta pots from Campo de' Fiori. 


Metallic Glazes: Shiny metallic glazes in silver, gun-metal gray or gold can add just the sparkle needed to coordinate with kitchens and baths... whether you like a little or a lot!


Spin the Color Wheel: Green is the new neutral! Colorful containers accent or contrast with green foliage or flowering houseplants. We stock lots of colors in solids and patterns. A new plant in a new, trending color will freshen up your home or office décor.


Favorite Toppings: After planting your plant in its new container, top it off with Spanish or sheet moss, small gravel pieces or natural pebbles for added texture or color.