Melinda's Low Maintenance Plants: Easy Elegance Roses

Easy Elegance

Take it easy with 'Easy Elegance'...

Enjoy the beauty of large hybrid tea roses in your garden and summer bouquets with much less effort with Easy Elegance® Roses. These low maintenance roses were bred for their beauty, fragrance, hardiness and adaptability.

Easy Elegance® roses are a cross between hybrid teas and shrub roses. Their large flowers, glossy green leaves and re-blooming nature comes from the hybrid tea side of the family. The shrub rose parentage contributes to its cold hardiness and disease resistance. Place a single plant in a container, add a few to flower gardens or make a statement with a large swath along a path or border. 

Select from a wide range of colors in single to fully double flowers for color throughout the growing season. These award winning roses are hardy growing on their on roots and require no special winter treatment.

Just grow them in a sunny location with rich well-drained soil.  They’ll even thrive in less-than-ideal soil conditions found in so many landscapes.  Water thoroughly when the top few inches of soil is crumbly and beginning to dry.  Mulch the soil surface with shredded leaves, evergreen needles, shredded bark or other organic material. Mulching conserves moisture, suppresses weeds and helps improve the soil as the organic mulches decompose.

All you need to do is prune out any dead, crossing or wayward branches in late winter. Apply a slow release fertilizer once in spring and water thoroughly as needed. These disease and pest resistant roses do not need regular spraying to keep them looking their best.

Stop deadheading and harvesting flowers in August so plants begin to form colorful rose hips. You’ll enjoy the added color the rose fruit provide along with the birds they attract.

Check out the Easy Elegance® varieties and select those that best fit your garden design and landscape goals.


At a Glance

Name: Easy Elegance® Rose (Rosaegonia species and cultivars)

Size: 2 to 4 feet tall, depending on the variety 

Light: Full Sun

Water: Water new plantings thoroughly and often enough to keep the roots slightly moist. Once the plants root into the surrounding soil water thoroughly when the top few inches of soil are starting to dry

Soil: Prefers rich well-drained soil, is adaptable to less-than-ideal soil