Cora Louise Itoh peony

... have arrived!


With scrumptious flowers and lush green foliage... peonies are a favorite shrub that blooms from late spring through early summer, depending on the location and the variety of peony you’re growing. We offer two types of peonies: Herbaceous and Itoh. Herbaceous peonies bloom earlier in the season and die back in the fall. The Itoh hybrids bloom a bit later in spring and tend to have a longer bloom time. Itoh Peonies, are superb, long-lived plants with the large, exotic blooms and the refined foliage of Tree Peonies, but with stems that die back to the ground in the fall like herbaceous Peonies. 

Herbaceous varieties:
'Sarah Bernhardt': A perennial classic, this peony has super-large, double flowers in pretty pastel pink. Enjoy their beauty and fabulous fragrance in arrangements, too.
'Scarlett O'Hara': This hardy, award-winner is well-named with its fiery scarlet-red, single petals and large yellow stamens. Attractive foliage and fragrant blooms make this a classic peony for a sunny landscape.
'Red Magic': The huge blooms are made up of feathered, deep red petals. Almost artichoke-like in shape, the petals narrow and darken to a deeper crimson as they near the center. Stunning!
'Karl Rosenfield': A true garden classic... considered to be one of the best red double peonies. This mid-season variety boasts huge, cherry-red blooms that are showstoppers in the early summer garden. Fragrant flowers with sturdy stems are excellent for cutting. Plants are virtually pest-free.

Itoh (aka intersectional hybrid peony) varieties:
'Smith Opus 2':
This peony features a mid-spring bloom with very large, flowers (6" across). Flowers are an unusual and exquisite blend of colors that is ever-changing. Petals start out pinkish but are actually a light yellow that is heavily flushed with deep lavender pink.
'Yellow Doodle Dandy': Luminous, fragrant, double blossoms in shades of lemon chiffon will light up the garden in spring and early summer. Layers of petals make up the large (up to 8”), full blossoms. 
'Cora Louise' (pictured): A large, semi-double, lightly fragrant peony with white blossoms and dark lavender central flares. Flowers stand above lush, toothed foliage. It's an especially vigorous plant can produce up to 50 blooms in a single season and the sturdy flower stems require no staking. Perfect!