Rare & Unique Indoor Plants


Hard-to-find, collectible plants...

Barb, our plant buyer, is constantly searching out the rare, unique & unusual plants to feature in our greenhouse.
Come in and take a look! You'll always find something interesting... for beginner gardeners, as well as experts.
Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions about proper lighting, watering and finding the best plant for your indoor space.


What's New? ... while supplies last!

'Raven®'  ZZ Plant (pictured): Raven® is among the most trendy and popular houseplants. When leaves first emerge, they have an electric lime-green color. As they mature, each leaflet slowly becomes a rich purple-black shade. Sounds like a perfectly wicked plant for Halloween! Will grow in any light but brighter light makes it grow faster. Don't overwater. 


The Pancake Plant or Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides) pictured: This photo-friendly succulent is in demand for its quirky, good looks, as well as its low maintenance qualities. The 'Pileas' love lots of bright & cheerful, indirect sunlight on their glossy, flat-as-a-pancake leaves. Shelter it from direct sunlight so as not to scorch the tender leaves. Because it is a succulent, no need to water it too much... 


Philodendron 'Birkin': This 'designer plant' isn't always easy to find, as it's a cult favorite. The attractive, striped leaves and hardy characteristics make it an easy-going plant for beginners. Preferring medium light but tolerating low light, this small, upright plant grows well in indoor environments.