Refresh your August Garden

Rudbeckia hirta

Summer isn't over yet!

     Although summer seems to fly by after July 4th, we still have a few months to enjoy our gardens! To prolong your summer landscape, simply freshen things up by swapping out the tired spring/summer plantings with new, flowering annuals or shrubs. When you add to or replant your containers with fresh annuals, grasses or blooming, panicle hydrangea shrubs, you'll be able to enjoy your garden well into October. 
     Tip: At the end of September, simply plant shrubs and perennials from containers into your landscape and you'll be able to enjoy them again next year!

Drop by and see what's blooming in our greenhouse! 

Zinnias: Whether you like the short or tall ones, their bold & beautiful flowers colors are the epitome of summer. Zinnias also attract pollinators to your garden... Just in time for butterfly migration season...

Celosia: The feathery plumes look like they are on fire in crimson red, pink, yellow and orange colors. These annuals are drought tolerant and really brighten up the garden in late summer.

Dragon wing begonia: This is a non-stop bloomer that only gets better as the seasons progress. The red, pink or white flowers of this gracefully shaped begonia will add color to both full sun and shady gardens.

Sunflowers: Cheerful summer sunflowers are available in short, compact or tall varieties. Yellow, gold or barn red petals surround the edible seeds in the center of the flower. It's another beautiful transitional flower for fall...

SunPatiens: Instant color! The flowers are larger than standard impatiens... looking more like New Guinea impatiens. Bold, bright color for sun or shade.

New Guinea impatiens: New Guinea impatiens are happiest in part shade with consistently moist soil. You'll get plenty of flower power with the red, orange, coral, white, pink or lavender, daisy-like flowers. Do not allow the plants to dry out or they will stop blooming.

Impatiens: Sometimes plants will slowly stop blooming because of too much shade. If you add shade-loving impatiens in August, you’ll get to enjoy plenty of color until frost hits.

Annual Rudbeckia hirta (pictured): Treat these plants as an annual, black-eyed Susan rather than a perennial Rudbeckia. The larger yellow, golden-orange and red-mahogany flowers of ‘Irish Eyes’, ‘Cherokee Sunset’ & ‘Cherry Brandy’ are the perfect color transition from summer to fall.

Ornamental grasses: Give the grasses time to be at their fullest fall beauty by planting them in August. Larger containers are available in our greenhouse in mid-summer. Add texture and movement to your garden with the feathery flowers of: Blue Oat grass, Feather Reed grass, Japanese Forest grass, Pink Muhly grass, Prairie Dropseed, Red Switch grass and Purple Fountain grass...while supplies last.

Hydrangeas: The panicle hydrangeas are in full bloom now! How tempting to plant these shrubs into the garden in August, as well as popping a few into large containers to get instant gratification. Choose panicle hydrangeas that turn from white or light green to blush and cherry-red colors as the weather gets cooler... Hydrangeas are hardy and beautiful flowering shrubs for the late summer & fall garden. 

Fill in those empty spots... there are still plenty of summer days left to enjoy!