Shangri La!

Shangri La

A new 'Split Leaf Philodendron'

Shangri-La is a new form of the popular 'split leaf philodendron'. Its habit is dense and clumping... not vining. It produces highly fingered (dissected) leaves that give it the look of a mature split leaf philodendron on a much smaller plant. It also produces noticeably more stems per plant, which adds to its robust look. It is perfect for indoor gardens, desktops, offices and smaller containers.

• Have fun grouping plants with different heights, shapes, leaf colors and textures. To make it easy, begin by selecting containers in neutral colors in different sizes; all white containers or shades of one color... or experiment with adding a pattern to the mix!

• A grouping of plants creates more humidity and cleaner air... good for you and the plants!

What’s the buzz? The sound of summer. Filling your garden with flowering plants that bees like is the perfect way to a part of the cycle of nature. Bees are hardworking insects—pollinating our crops and flowers for us and feeding themselves and their community at the same time. And, don’t forget the honey—one of nature’s simplest pleasures.