Holiday Containers are Here!

Spruce tip pots birch

Deck the halls & entryways...

It's time to fill outdoor containers with a wintry mix!

Choose from pre-made designs, handcrafted, Pasquesi Spruce Tip Pots or design your own pots with fresh evergreens and botanicals... so much to choose from this year. Look for a variety of colorful accents such as winterberries, frosted & sparkly pinecones, pepperberries, birch logs and a wide assortment of fresh greens. And, don't forget the spruce tips!

Our Pasquesi Spruce Tip Pots are handcrafted on a daily basis... fresh and beautiful... in three sizes!

Garden expert and author, Melinda Myers, offers tips on decorating your holiday containers from the Pasquesi greenhouse at