Succulent combinations


Colorful, textural and dependable! 

Succulents make easy care, indoor or outdoor plants for those of us who forget to water our plants or just love their sculptural design. These sturdy plants store their water supply in their thick, fleshy leaves or stems and most flourish with a bit of neglect.

CARE: Place succulents in a location with bright light. An east, west or south window is the best choice. If you don't have a lot of bright light, you can supplement with artificial light, too. When time to repot, use a well-draining cactus or succulent potting mix. Introduce succulents gradually to outdoor sunlight. Read labels as some succulents don't appreciate direct sun.

TIPS: The tiny, two-inch pots with various succulents can be planted to make unique fairy gardens, living wreaths and terrariums, while the larger specimens can become living art in your home.

Choose from many varieties such as: Sempervivum or Hen-and-chicks, Echeveria, Aeonia, many forms of spiny cacti and trailing Sedum, Kalanchoe or the Panda Plant with its soft and furry leaves along with many others. Come see our collection and start your own! 

Pot one or more in a cool container and sit back and enjoy these low maintenance plants... indoors or out! 

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