Wilt-Pruf art

Protect your winter evergreens.

Use Wilt-Pruf for fresh-cut fresh wreaths, garland and greens. Spray fresh evergreens with Wilt-Pruf until liquid runs off. Greens must be sprayed outdoors when temperature is above freezing so that liquid won't freeze on the foliage. Follow directions on the label carefully. FYI... Wilt-Pruf will only temporarily turn Blue Spruce foliage a green color.


Use on outdoor shrubs and plants, too: Wilt-Pruf can also be used on valuable, landscape shrubs: Boxwood, rhododendrons, hydrangeas, roses and even bulbs.


Why Wilt-Pruf? Excessive moisture loss in plants will cause stress, shock wilting, and plant failure. It strikes during periods of drought, transplanting and also from winter's drying winds when the ground is frozen. Wilt-Pruf will help to keep moisture in the foliage.