Cat Grass

Cat oat grass

Make sure kitty gets her greens!

Cat grass seeds will be ready for your cat to eat in less than two weeks after planting!
Very easy to grow indoors!

Seeds are big and easy to handle. A perfect project for kids... with big benefits for your cat.


Renee's Garden Organic, Kitty Queen's Four Grass Mix: Treat your kitty to a  vitamin-rich, mix of oat, wheat and barley that was organically grown. Grow in a pot indoors when weather cools down. One packet is good for 3-4 sowings. Grass is ready for eating when the blades are at least a few inches tall...usually 10-14 days after planting.

Renee's Garden Gourmet Cat Treats Mixed Greens: Plant the extra-fancy blend of four organically grown oat, rye, wheat and barley seeds. For a constant supply, try sowing seeds in pots every 2 weeks. To encourage finicky eaters, place the pot along side cat's food dish and spritz with water. This usually gets kitty interested in the greens.

Botanical Interests Cat Grass Oat Seeds: Do you want to keep your cats from eating potentially harmful houseplants? Because it's grown indoors, cat grass can be served year-round at its peak of freshness. Grass is ready for cats to eat when it is 2"- 4" high. Place near their water or food bowl for only a few minutes so that they don't binge on grass. Feed for a few minutes on a regular basis to get the cat's digestive system used to the grass, and eventually, kitty's tummy will adjust to it, allowing nutrients to be absorbed. 

  • Cat grass is high in fiber and helps cats digest their food more efficiently and even helps prevent the build-up of hairballs.
  • It supplies chlorophyll, vitamins, and trace minerals—al things cats need to be healthy.
  • It can help ease an upset stomach, too.