Chicken Feed

chicken feed

New arrivals in our Wild Bird Department!

Chickens are legal in Lake Bluff! 

We now stock 2 types of Natures Grown Organics Chicken Feed in our Pet & Wild Bird Department.

  1. Organic Chicken Layers Mix/Soy-free in 50# bag
  2. Organic Chicken Layers Mix in 40# bag


About Natures Grown Organics Chicken Feed
It’s the premier source for high-quality, certified organic feed for your chickens. Passion and expertise go into each bag, based on the trust and respect of a manufacturer that understands your needs. Milled by Premier Cooperative in rural Westby, Wisconsin, Natures Grown Organics is rooted in a deep history of producer satisfaction and nutritional advancements.



Want to learn more about Natures Grown Organics Chicken Feed?

Bird expert, Jeff Miller, will offer a Q&A in the Bird Dept. about attracting winter songbirds to your backyard.

He will also answer questions about feeding chickens!

When: Saturday, Nov. 9; 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.