Grow your own cat grass... organically.

CATS LOVE IT! Mee-WOW! cat grass has already sprouted... no need to wait for seeds. Cats seem to get a lot of enjoyment from nibbling this GMO-free grass and the fiber that cats consume can be a big help for their internal system and daily nutrition. While the cat grass is ideal for cats, it can also be offered to your other fur friends such as dogs and rabbits.

PLENTY OF BENEFITS FOR YOUR CAT: Mee-WOW! gourmet cat grass contains several nutrients which aren’t a part of their normal carnivorous diet and therefore may provide your cat with carbohydrates, vitamins (A, B, C, E & K), minerals and nutrients (calcium, chlorophyll--which naturally freshens the breath, iron, lecithin, magnesium, and pantothenic acid--which is lacking in its diet.)