Mr. Bird Loose Seed

Mr. Bird loose seed

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We now are carrying Mr. Bird's famous seed blends in bags... in two sizes: 2 lb. & 4-5 lb. 

Mr. Bird’s Bug, Nuts and Fruit: Contains loads of mealworms, tree nuts, peanuts, sunflower hearts, raisins and cranberries. There is nothing else that will attract a greater variety of birds.


Mr. Bird’s Flaming Hot Feast: Squirrel’s Defeat!  This bird seed is infused with the natural oil of hot peppers. Contains sunflower hearts, peanuts, golden safflower, mealworms and capsaicin. The birds seem to enjoy the spicy flavor while the squirrels and other mammals can’t stand the heat.  This seed is HOT HOT HOT so remember to wash your hands!


Mr. Bird’s Wild Bird Feast: A great quality, all-purpose seed blend containing black oil sunflower, tree nuts, sunflower hearts and just a dash of white millet. Perfect for year-round, nation-wide bird feeding.


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