Mr. Bird Suet

Mr. Bird Suet Cylinder

Give birds something to tweet about! 

Mr. Bird offers tasty combinations of seed, nuts and fruits... made specifically for different songbirds' preferences... in small and large sizes of 'no-melt' suet blocks and cylinders.

Bugs, Nuts & Fruit (pictured): A delectable feast for an amazing variety of birds. This formulas will attract most of your favorite feathered friends with a fantastic blend of pecans, sunflower hearts, mealworms, raisins and cranberries. Attracts bluebirds!

Flaming Hot Feast: Birds love it. Squirrels don't! This special blend consists of sunflower hearts, peanuts, golden safflower seeds and mealworms with a 'kick' of hot pepper. No mess, no melt, no squirrels.

Safflower Feast: This 100% seed block is excellent for squirrel-prone areas, as squirrels generally don’t like safflower seeds. These blocks are preferred by cardinals, grosbeaks, while greedy grackles, sparrows and starlings generally don’t care for it. 

Look for other seed combinations made especially for woodpeckers and other songbirds.