Protect your pets & home....

Introducing Wondercide... 

...a plant-based pest protection that kills, repels and prevents fleas, ticks, mosquitos, flies and hundreds more pesky bugs. Made with steam-distilled essential oils and other good things from Mother Nature. No artificial colors or fragrances. Clove-free.

• Safe for dogs & cats of all ages. Safely spray on household surfaces including carpet, hard floors, furniture and pet bedding.

• Holistic-vet approved as a safe and effective alternative to drops, pills and collars.

• Mom-made and approved.

• Handcrafted in the USA from plant-based, sustainable ingredients.

Products we carry:
Wondercide Skin Tonic Spray for Dogs & Cats... Natural Relief from Itch and Allergy; Wondercide Flea & Tick Spray for Pets & Home with Lemongrass or Rosemary Scent.