Scout Bags

Summer-y Scout Bags on Sale

There's still plenty of summer left! Select patterns are 30% off... while supplies last.


Choose from Scout Bags in different sizes in these summer patterns: Knotty by Nature, Areefa, High Tied, Fangirl, Sol Surfer, Sunfetti, Fish Upon a Star, Swimfan & Urchin Care.


Fountains on Sale - 30% off

Splish! Splash!

Fountains are a nice addition to any garden or landscape.
All fountains are on sale. Now 30% OFF! ...while supplies last.

Knife sharpening

Knife Sharpening

Knife and Tool Sharpening

Bring your kitchen knives, scissors, garden pruners, pocket knives and other tools that need a sharper edge.


WHERE: Lake Bluff store, 975 North Shore Drive

WHEN:  Saturday, August 11th

               2:30 pm - 4:30 pm


               Sunday, August 26th

               2:30 pm - 4:30 pm



Earthborn Holistic Pet Food

New in Pet Department...

Earthborn Holistic: A nutritious and natural pet food for small or large breed dog, puppy, indoor cat and every sized paw in between.
What makes Earthborn Holistic special?
-It's complete with fruits, vegetables and natural sources of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.
-The more digestible formulas of grains and starches mean less waste.
-Probiotics are added to help aid in nutrient absorption.
Earthborn Holistic Venture: A Grain-free Limited Ingredient Diet for Dogs
Everything You Want.
-More digestible formulas of grains and starches, which mean less waste.
-Alternative protein sources such as Alaska pollock, squid, rabbit, pork, duck & turkey meal.
-Antioxidant-rich vegetables such as pumpkin, peas & butternut squash are great natural sources of vitamins & minerals.
-Probiotics are added to break down food for better digestion and nutrient absorption.
Nothing You Don't Want: No grains, glutens, potatoes, eggs, colorants, fillers, by-products, artificial preservatives or GMOs.


N&D dog and cat food

Q & A Farmina N&D Dog and Cat Food

We now carry Farmina pet foods...

SALE! Take $4 off on the purchase of a 3lb. bag of Farmina N & D Cat Food. 


Farmina N & D (Natural & Delicious) Dog and Cat Food Formulas with Pumpkin or Quinoa

-Non GMO
-Low Glycemic Index
-Long Life Vitamins
-Cruelty-free Research
-Up to 96% Animal Proteins 


Learn more about the N & D Dog and Cat food from a Farmina representative.

WHAT: Q & A with Farmina N & D pet food

WHEN: Saturday, August 25 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

WHERE: Pet Department at Lake Bluff store 

Dee's Bees Honey

Q & A: Dee's Bees Honey

What's the Buzz?

Learn more about 'staying local' with honey from Dee's Bees.

Whether you like honey in your tea or by the spoonful, Dee's Bees will satisfy your sweet tooth with locally made, pure, untreated honey. Everyone is happy when you support honeybees and local businesses. Dee's Bees Honey is available in three jar sizes: $4.99, $9.99 and $14.99.

WHAT: Q & A with a rep from Dee's Bees Honey & Honey Tasting.

WHEN: Saturday, August 25

Pasquesi's Lake Bluff store in the Home Accents Department from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 



Orchid seminar

Orchid Care Seminar

Join us for a FREE seminar 'Orchid Care 101' hosted by Orchids By Hausermann. Learn tips from an expert about proper lighting, fertilizing, temperature, how to get orchids to reflower and repotting tips for beautiful and healthy orchid plants.

WHAT: 'Orchid Care 101' seminar
Saturday, September 8; 11 am - noon, followed by a Q & A from noon - 1 pm
WHERE: Lake Bluff location

Gardening expert, Melinda Myers Seminar at Lake Bluff store

Gardening expert, Melinda Myers Seminar at Lake Bluff store

Melinda Myers, nationally known gardening expert and author, will be hosting a FREE seminar "Hydrangeas and the Best Companion Plants".

WHEN: Saturday, September 15
WHERE: Pasquesi's Lake Bluff store
TIME: 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. *Followed by Q & A from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m.

She will talk and answer questions about choosing 'easy-to-care-for' perennial plants and tips on planting them. Join Melinda as she helps you find the perfect plant partner for your favorite hydrangea. She will provide a quick overview of the various hydrangeas and discuss shrubs, perennials and annuals that, when combined, will create colorful, mixed borders. She will include a variety of planting options that will echo or compliment the hydrangea's flower color and bold texture. Also, learn how to feature plants with different bloom times to insure that your garden looks its best from spring to fall.