'Azure Skies' Hydrangea on Sale

Nantucket Hydrangea

...an elegant, flowering shrub

'Azure Skies' Hydrangea (3 gal. container): This reblooming Hydrangea produces an incredible display of large mophead-type blossoms that will be blue or pink depending on soil pH. The beautiful blossoms make excellent cut flowers for bringing indoors. Blooms late spring and into fall. Reaches 3 feet tall and wide. Excellent planted in mass.

Sale price: $36.99, reg. $54.99...while supplies last 

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Light: Part sun to part shade. Hydrangeas prefer dappled sunlight or sun in the morning and shade in afternoon.

Water: Big Leaf Hydrangeas thrive in with consistent watering. Keep well-watered to keep blooms coming.

Soil: Best grown in acidic, organically rich and well-draining soil for blue blossoms.

Flowers: Blue or pink flower clusters... depending on acid or alkaline soils. Blooms late spring, summer & fall.

Size: 3 ft. wide and 3 ft. tall

Garden uses: Beautiful in large scale or urban settings. Use as a single plant in containers, mixed borders, or in mass groupings.