Stonewall Kitchen Tastings

Hot Pepper Cranberry Jelly

Taste-test 3 different Jams, Jellies & Cranberry Sauces this weekend...

Stonewall Kitchen Tasting: November 16 & 17 from 11 am - 3 pm 

  • Hot Pepper Cranberry Jelly (pictured): Turn up the heat on classic cranberry jelly by adding spicy jalapeños and a dash of cayenne for a spread that’s sweet, tart and fiery. Perfect for pairing with crackers and cheese or a juicy turkey burger, it’s the hot new condiment you’ll soon be slathering on everything.
    • A spicy, tart jelly
    • Pairs well with crackers.
  • Hot Pepper Peach Jam: This Hot Pepper Peach Jam is a twist on our traditional pepper jellies. It starts with juicy peaches and adds hot peppery spices to create a mellow jam that ends in a bite of spice. This jam tastes great as an appetizer when combined with cheese, it is also tasty on cornbread.
  • New England Cranberry Relish: The essence of New England shines through in Stonewall Kitchen's New England Cranberry Relish. The sweet and tart cranberries are combined with zesty oranges for a spread unlike any you may have tasted before. You will "relish" its taste on baked chicken or in a sandwich.