Green Velvet Boxwood

Boxwood Green Velvet

Green Velvet is the 'go-to' boxwood for the Chicagoland area.

Whether clipped or 'au naturel,' boxwood is a versatile, evergreen shrub with small and glossy, dark-green leaves. Plant them as a hedge, edging, in containers or as a specimen plant in full shade to part sun. Boxwood is in great demand in areas where the deer roam. Deer don't like the odor, especially from a recently trimmed shrub.

'Green Velvet' is a durable, cold-hardy boxwood hybrid that grows well in our area (zone 5 where the Average Annual Minimum Temperature is -20 F to -10 F). This sturdy variety grows to be slightly wider than it is tall and retains its rounded shape, even when left untrimmed. However, it responds well to extreme pruning if you prefer a tidier appearance. Boxwood is a good choice for formal garden designs where clipped boxwood is used as edging or hedges that define small or large outdoor spaces.


Boxwood is best used for:

1. Structure in a knot garden or parterre... a decorative garden bed with symmetrical patterns made from boxwood, flowering annuals, herbs, sand, gravel or bricks.

2. Low hedge at 4 ft. tall or less: Dense, evergreen hedging that defines walkways or garden borders.

3. Foundation planting: This slow-growing shrub won't overtake foundation area or windows. They will provide dense, evergreen color and texture throughout the entire year.

4. Edging: 2 ft. tall or less shrubbery that defines garden or herb gardens or decorative areas.

5. Specimen: Single boxwood plants that are clipped into ornamental shapes or topiaries, spiral, multiple spheres or cones.


Plant Care

Name: Green Velvet Boxwood (Buxus x 'Green Velvet'')*

Size: 3' to 4’ tall and wide

Light: Full shade to part sun. Extremely shade tolerant.

Water: Regular watering. Water weekly or more often in heat of summer or when planted in containers.

Growth: 2" to 3" per year

Pros: Slow to medium growth. Deer and rabbit resistant

Zone: 5-8

Siting: Place Boxwood in locations that are sheltered from harsh winds or direct sun in winter.

Maintenance: Low to medium care... depending on the amount of clipping or sculpting that is preferred.


*Our 'Green Velvet' boxwood shrubs are carefully grown at a certified grower in Canada.